A dive into DSMAX’s Success Stories and Dr. KV Satish’s Vision! | Companies News

A dive into DSMAX’s Success Stories and Dr. KV Satish’s Vision! | Companies News

Stories have been an integral part of human evolution –even before man learned to read and write; stories were the means of passing down culture and history. When you tell a story, you’re sparking a connection, a connection that goes above and beyond your physical self. It’s almost spiritual.

In today’s times, stories describe what has been and are a promise of what is to come. And when they’re about your home – the one place where each of our stories begin/originate, it’s up to us to make it a great one!!  

There’s but one man who’s been the hero of so very many stories of people and their homes. Each of these testimonies is nothing but the echoes of thousands of homeowners in South India. He’s been on the headlines and talk of the town for one sole reason – luxurious, affordable homes loaded with amenities that make one’s jaw drop. Dr. KV Satish, Founder-Chairman of DSMAX Properties, whose story of multi-storied luxurious apartments impacts thousands of home-buyers to opt for his “branded homes.”

The journey of starting his venture and excelling hasn’t been easy for Dr. KV Satish. He is the first in his family to walk the path of entrepreneurship in the year 2007. In a decade, DSMAX group has become one of the most trusted real estate brands, especially in the metropolitan cities of Southern India – Bengaluru, Chennai, Vizag, Hosur and Hyderabad.  In 2007, stepping into the Real Estate business was considered a lot riskier. With not many mentors to guide him through, Dr. KV Satish paved his path into the Realty business and made a brand that stands out amidst the competitors. Dr. Satish created a model that combines a holistic approach and a futuristic thought process. DS-MAX has so far homed more than twenty thousand families and currently has over 60+ projects, including skylines and residential and commercial. His dream of giving every Indian who desires a home the opportunity to own one has taken him to places and heights. Here are a few testimonials that truly echo the real “Joy” that this brand is bringing into hundreds of homeowners’ lives every day!

For Mr. Venkatesh Patil and his family, DS-MAX has come into their lives like the rising sun! He tells the story of how Dr. KV Satish’s vision for the nation has impacted his life for good. He believes that man is a social animal and his social life begins at home, and his roots are strongly embedded in it. He proudly acknowledges his delight to own a home at DS-MAX, which has made sure that his story, his son’s, and every member in the family is off to a fresh and great start with his DS-MAX home.   

When Mr. and Mrs. Mondal begin to share their love story, they vehemently attest that DS-MAX is like magic. He goes onto tell how DS-MAX  happened suddenly, just like every other good thing that has happened in their lives. Mr. Mondal describes that their relationship with DS-MAX and their home is like a poem – beautiful, poignant, serene and elegant in every way!

For Ms. Malavika, DS-MAX  has played such a key role in empowering her to become the strong, independent professional she can be! She tells her DS-MAX story, convinced that this is nothing but only the beginning of the pursuit of her dream, to go and take charge of her life and to become the empowered women she always dreams of!

These stories are but a few of thousands of homeowner’s life stories. Stories that will be told for generations to come on how this one man – Dr. KV Satish, with a vision has impacted this nation, turned around the lives of many for good and has left no stone unturned on his path to make a difference to this world. 

Dr. Satish’s awards and accolades are nothing but attested proofs of his good work and the transformation he’s bringing in people’s lives. Here are a few to mention –   Real Estate Developer Of The Year (Bangalore), Doctor Of Honours (Business Management),Emerging Developer Of The Year, Global Achievers Award For Young Entrepreneur    Individual , ‘Infra Realty Achiever Awards’ Under The Category ‘Young Icon Of The Year’,Fastest Growing Indian Construction Company Excellence Award, International Gold Star Award, Indo-Nepal Sadbhavana Award”, Rashtrya Ratan Award, Citizen Extraordinaire Award.     

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