Ben Vs Paxton, Who is the Right Partner for Devi?

This article contains spoilers for Netflix series Never Have I Ever Season 2.

The second season of the popular Netflix show Never Have I Ever premiered on July 15 and since then has trended on number one in multiple countries. The show chronicles the life of Indian-American teen Devi Vishwakumar, who festers a crush on her classmate Paxton Hall-Yoshida. However, in season one, we saw her kiss Ben Gross, her nerdy nemesis turned friend.

In season two, the main focus was on the love triangle between Devi, Ben and Paxton. Even when Devi kissed Ben, we saw Paxton realise his feelings for Devi. Devi’s solution for this was to date both of them at the same time. However, that plan quickly backfired with different outcomes. While Paxton and Devi sorted their issues out, Ben went on to date Aneesa, the new Indian girl.

In the end, we saw Paxton show up at the school dance for Devi, and they publicly became a couple. Ben, on the other hand, found through her best friend that Devi was actually pining for him for the entire season.

While Devi ended up with Paxton in this season, was he the right choice for her? Let us take a look at five reasons why Paxton is right for Devi and five reasons we should all be Team Ben.

Team Paxton:

Paxton shows up for Devi

One of the biggest issues Paxton faced was that he was embarrassed to publicly acknowledge Devi as his girlfriend after she cheated on him. However, he worked through those issues and showed up for her at the dance in front of the whole school, as his feelings trumped his embarrassment.

Paxton works on himself

In season two, we saw a human side of Paxton. A big argument of Team Ben is how he is a smart match for Devi, while Paxton is usually not great academically. However, in season 2 we see Paxton work hard to become a good student, and in process, finds a valuable piece of his history.

Paxton is a good guy

Despite his tough exterior Paxton has a big heart and conscience. He is amazing to his sister Rebecca, constantly supporting her fashion designing dreams. He also has a strong bond with his grandfather and brings him to school to talk about the discrimination Japanese Americans faced during World War 2.

Paxton doesn’t hold a grudge against Devi

Unlike Ben who moves on with Aneesa due to his anger towards Devi, Paxton doesn’t spend the whole season holding Devi’s action against her. For a little while he tries to make Devi do her homework and doesn’t defend her before his friends. But his conscience weighs in quickly and they soon get their friendship back.

Devi and Paxton have a strong attraction towards each other

Paxton, who is modelled on the high-school jock trope, does a lot of problematic things to maintain his image but rectifies his error because he has feelings for her. Devi has always been attracted to Paxton. Hence, they work on the level of a typical high school couple.

Team Ben:

To be honest, season 2 Ben was not as lovely as season 1 was. There were no big gestures like letting Devi stay in his house or taking her to Malibu like the last time. However, we think that Ben is Devi’s true soulmate. And here’s why.

Devi’s feelings for Ben are deeper

The way Devi acts when Aneesa starts flirting with Ben shows that she has deep feelings for Ben. She gets hyper jealous, starts a rumour and then spends a lot of energy making up with Aneesa to get back in Ben’s good books. Ben too has feelings for Devi which surface every now and then, even when he is in a happy relationship.

Devi chose Ben

When Devi was making her pro-con list, she chose Ben. However, because Paxton was better looking her friends talked her out of it. Deep down, Devi knew Ben was better for her. Also at the end, Devi did not choose Paxton but he happened to profess his feelings for her. Ben closed the door for her when he started dating Aneesa.

Ben was ready to commit

Unlike Paxton, who was commitment-phobic, Ben was ready to be Devi’s boyfriend, no questions asked. He worked through his feelings in a day, broke up with his girlfriend Shira and even analysed how he would see her when she moved to India. In other words, he’s all in.

Ben consoles Devi when Paxton rejects her

Even though it would have been cathartic to see Paxton rejecting Devi’s ‘Promposal’ he actually felt bad for her. He went to the ladies’ room to console Devi who was crying in the toilet. He was there for her as a friend when she needed the most and also told her the truth: Paxton didn’t deserve her.

Ben and Devi are soulmates

The events of season one show that Ben and Devi are actually perfect for each other. They have the same competitive spirit, the same awkwardness and insecurities. They are friends first, which is important for a deeper relationship. Ben’s reaction after finding out Devi was double timing showed how much the relationship meant to him, as opposed to Paxton, who found it easier to let go.

Created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, Never Have I Ever stars Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Jaren Lewison, Darren Barnett, Poorna Jagannathan and Richa Moorjani in lead roles.

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